How Does Safety and Security Film Work?


Safety and security film is manufactured from single or multiple layers of tough, optically clear polyester film laminated together in a variety of constructions. One side of the film is coated with an extremely powerful adhesive formula that is applied to the interior surface of the glass, whilst the exterior (room facing) side is protected with a special scratch-resistant coating.  Safety and security window films adhere to the glass and act as a protective layer to make the glass stronger and harder to break. The film also helps to secure shards and splinters if the glass should shatter.

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What is Window Tinting?


Window tinting is a general term used for applying window film to glass. There are many different types of window film (otherwise referred to as window tint) each with different uses and benefits. They can be applied to all glass and some plastic surfaces. They can be used on the windows of homes, shops, offices, showrooms, skylights, atriums, cars, caravans, campers, boats, and farm vehicles.

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What is Solar Control Window Film?


Solar Control Film blocks ultraviolet and infrared radiation from entering through your glass, while still letting visible light in. The application of Solar Control Film provides many benefits such as increased comfort, glare reduction, protection for furnishings and improved energy efficiency.

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What is Security Window Film?


Security Film increases the strength of glass and helps keep it together in the event of both accidental and deliberate impact. Intruders are more likely to leave empty-handed when windows don’t easily shatter and they have to work harder to try to get in. Security Films come in different thicknesses to increase their strength and can be clear or tinted.

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How can window film reduce my energy bills?


One benefit of having window film installed on your glass is increased energy efficiency. The building experiences reduced heat gain through the glass allowing you to save energy because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

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How much heat will window film stop?


The amount of heat reduction will vary depending on the glass aspect and type of film. Window Shield Australia can install samples and measure your individual heat reduction before full film installation.

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What are the benefits of window film?


Having window film installed on your glass keeps your building cooler in summer and warmer in winter and therefore reduces your energy bills. Window films have additional benefits of keeping out harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation to help protect against fading of carpets, curtains, fabrics, and furnishings. Window films reduce annoying sun-glare to promote a relaxed environment, provide inside daytime privacy and offer increased safety and protection against impact – be it an attempt to break in, a simple accident or storm damage.

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What is the difference between Low-e Film and Solar Control film?


Low-e Film has insulating properties that not only keeps heat out in summer but keeps heat in winter. Low-e Films can reduce summer solar heat gain by up to 76% and stop up to 43% of the heat inside the building from escaping during the winter making it the ideal solution for the extreme hot summers and cold winters that we experience in Adelaide.

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How can Solar Control Film improve my energy efficiency?


Reducing our energy consumption is a priority for most households and businesses. Additionally, governments have legislated strict building codes that require homes and offices to be more energy efficient. Window film is proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint and increasing the energy rating of your home or business. Tinted Solar Control Films are designed to reduce the amount of heat, glare and ultraviolet radiation entering a building through glazing and so reducing the load on your air conditioning system.

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How can window film update the look of my building?


Using reflectivity, colour, signs or graphics on your glass can totally transform or modernize the look of an entire building at a fraction of what it would cost to update the glass.

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