Unfortunately, it has become commonplace to see glass damaged by graffiti, scratching and tagging. Public transport, business frontages, fast food outlets, shopping centers, malls, restrooms, lobbies, and elevators are prime targets for abuse. Vandals tag their mark, gouge their message and move on. Our Anti-Graffiti Films (also known as Anti-Vandal Films) help to keep vulnerable surfaces clear, clean and scratch-free by providing a tough invisible layer between the vandals and the glass.

Window Shield are the best in the industry when you need to protect your business or commercial buildings from the high cost of glass replacement due to graffiti, scratching and tagging vandalism. Our GlassRenu™ system can remove scratches, acid etch and water stains to return your glass to as new condition. Our unique Anti-Graffiti films can then be applied to protect your glass from being damaged again in the future. In some instances the application of Anti-Graffiti film alone will mask the scratching and glass polishing is not required. We recommend the application of Anti-Graffiti Film on any new glass installed in vulnerable or high traffic areas and offer a customised maintenance program to suit your business needs.