“Reduces heat gain while protecting plastic glazing from UV damage and vandalism”

Poly Window Films from Avery Dennison® A sustainable answer to upgrading plastic glazing

Avery Window Film Adelaide

Just like glass, polycarbonate or PMMA glazing often requires upgrading — for solar control to reduce energy consumption and enhance comfort and for protection against vandalism and everyday wear and tear to protect your investment.

Our Poly window film is an ideal solution for upgrading plastic glazing. Our window film R&D team has developed an innovative formulation for bubble-free* installation to rigid plastic glazing, with a unique, clean-removal adhesive that helps to maintain plastic in pristine condition. When professionally installed on the exterior of existing polycarbonate or PMMA glazing, Poly window films protect glazing from scratches and can dramatically increase occupant comfort and productivity by reducing

heat buildup, glare and carbon footprint. When applied on external side of plastic

substrates, Poly products extend the surface’s lifetime.

“The Poly film product range includes two product categories for clear protection or solar control”

Surface Protection Poly Window Films

These clear films help to protect plastic substrates from bus shelters to acoustic barriers against scratches, discoloration, graffiti and everyday wear and tear.

Clear 4 & 6 mil Poly X

Help protect polycarbonate and acrylic glazing against scuffing, yellowing and premature aging. The special surface coating protects from vandalism with:

  • Wipe-clean surface that repels most spray, paint, acid and pen
  • Sacrificial film for clean and easy removal that helps protect against etching and gouging

Solar Control Poly Window Films

Two high-performance, silver films provide a sustainable building solution that reduces

glare and heat buildup in malls, walkways, warehouses, hotels, etc., resulting in an improved

environmental profile, enhanced occupant productivity and comfort.

Commercial Anti Graffiti Window Film on Bus stop
Window Film From Avery for commercial use
Window Film From Avery for commercial use 2

R Silver 20X Poly™

Solar control has been designed especially for vertical or steeply sloped plastic glazing that provides:

  • 82%** glare reduction for a pleasant, dazzle-free interior
  • 99%** UV block helps prevent fading and damage to interior furnishings
  • 81%** solar energy rejected dramatically reduces heat buildup while cutting cooling costs and carbon footprint
  • Convenient, non-disruptive, exterior installation
  • Specially designed with durable hard coat delivering scratch-free surface maintenance

“R SkyLite 20 XTRM Poly™”

Long durability solar control film has been designed for exterior installation on flat, curved and sloped rigid plastic roofing applications delivers:

  • Solar performance of R SkyLite 20 XTRM window film
  • Carries a limited warranty of up to 10 years***
  • Convenient, non-disruptive, exterior installation
  • XTRM™ window films are only available from Avery Dennison® XTRM™ certified installers