Spectrally Selective Exterior Films

See the light, feel the difference

Avery Window Film Adelaide

Avery Dennison’s Spectrally Selective exterior window films effectively reduce solar heat gain while retaining high levels of daylight entering through windows and preserving the natural, transparent appearance of the glass.

Spectrally Selective exterior films reduce UV damage and fading caused by the sun and help maintain interior comfort without compromising neither facade nor view.

SP e-Lite X

SP e-Lite X exterior window films deliver excellent levels of heat rejection helping maintain cool, comfortable interiors, while preserving the natural appearance of both the glass and the building exterior. The films’ neutral color features low visible reflection inside and out, and effectively reducing excessive solar heat. Available in different VLT’s, SP e-Lite X exterior window films are compatible with all glass glazing window systems and are particularly popular in historical buildings, museums and residential projects.

SP Blue X

SP Blue X exterior window film delivers excellent levels of heat rejection. The subtle blue tint of this film filters 88% of heat-building IR radiation to keep a building cooler and comfortable without blocking welcome daylight. SP Blue 75X exterior window film is compatible with all glass glazing window systems and is popular in residential and commercial projects.

Features and Benefits

  • High visible light transmission that is barely discernible on glass – high levels of natural daylight
  • Excellent heat rejection for enhanced comfort and reduced cooling costs
  • Low reflectivity preserves views night and day
  • 99+% UV block reduces fading and damage from the sun
  • Natural appearance maintains building’s original façade
Spectrally Selective Exterior Films Adelaide
Spectrally Selective Exterior Films in Adelaide